And we are off, again…

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The new academic season has started and the field science/studies group is getting underway. After our work in Iceland this past summer (see the blog, pictures, playlist, etc.) we have a bunch of data to organize and analyze with various toolchains. Working on this now are Craig, Nic, Erin, Niraj, and Vitalii. Kristin and I are also working on Android and platform development together. At some point they will make posts describing what they are working on, maybe even updated regularly… Most of my time so far this fall has been spent on the field studies/May Term proposal, helping Vitalii and Niraj get started, and tomorrow I’m going to put on-off switches on a couple of ambiance platforms so they are easier to work with. I still can’t fathom how we didn’t have those from the get-go.

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