Late December, 2015 and January, 2016

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Worked with K, E, G, N, and D to develop an Icelandic Field Studies Wilderness Program proposal. The GLI has given it a light blessing, currently the Dean is considering our funding request (~$28K plus a course release in the fall) for this summer’s development costs.

Worked with Tara on pH sensors and NIR devices. After purchasing a SCiO device we will probably return it (no way to read the raw spectrum data) and we are now looking at the TellSpec unit.

Next up is putting together a sample budget for IFS and sending that for review (the “sanity check”) and working on the Android<->BLE<->Arduino. I also want to learn Kanbanchi well enough to sketch-out the IFS program with it (May, travel, Fall).

Back to Android and SQLite

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Since the beginning of the semester, I’ve been working on Field Day again and somewhat sorting out git. At the end of last semester, we were having trouble with git and we’re still trying to figure that out. We’ve decided that we’re all going to stick on the same Android Studio version and upgrade at times we decide as a group. Nic has the most updated version 1.5, so we’re all going to stick to that.

The latest code push was code that broke my Field Day setup, so all of the code I’ve been working on hasn’t been pushed yet. I’ve started a new branch of our git repo called SQLite work that I’ve been committing my changes to. As a result, I’ve been learning a lot of git and branching and I think this may be the way to do so we don’t end up with broken code in our ‘master’ branch.

The part of Field Day I’ve been working on is the SQLite database. Previously, we wrote all of our readings to a CSV file but that gets quite messy. So, in this new application we’ve decided to go to SQLite. I’ve written a class called ReadingsDatabase which is a SQLiteOpenHelper class. This is used to create, delete, upgrade, update, query, etc the database. I’ve also written an interface that will be used to communicate between the Sensor Fragment classes and the main activity. I’ve been using the ‘Built-In Sensors’ fragment to test because we haven’t created any of the other sensors to test yet. I┬ábelieve it is working, but the problem I’m running into is the class is writing to the database too quickly which is causing the primary keys I’ve set up to fail. I’m looking into a way to slow down the writing to the database. Once we figure out the git problem, I’m going to push my code.