Data update

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This past week, I worked on getting some database views ready that would show us the results for the sampling day. This is so each evening in Iceland, we’re able to effectively and quickly QA the data we have and check to make sure what we have matches with what we should have. This is now set up so that we have views of data from the last 24 hours for both streaming and readings tables in the database. The views are currently set up so we can see the recordtime, latitude, longitude, elevation, sensortype and sensor value for the streaming table. The readings table view displays the time, site, sector, spot, sensortype and value for the last 24 hours.

I also finished up the ER diagram for the data model as it now stands in our database with a couple of changes from the last iteration.

I began working on learning enough about flask this week to start adapting the viz tool to work with the current data model, and expect to make more headway on that this week. I also started writing up and documenting all our tables and why we chose to structure them the way we did, along with explanations for the relationships between the tables and how we chose those.

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