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For two weeks I’ve been trying to figure-out how to add theĀ Iceland playlist Kristin created to my Spotify profile. Yesterday, Kristin explicitly shared it with me and that worked, phew. I was afraid we were going to have to cancel the whole project.

On more mundane fronts I’ve been working with Erin on the GIS and maps, with Kristin on Field Day, with Deeksha on the data model/data, with Tara on the NIR and tube turning rigs and Mothur, and with Nic on LiDAR, the UAS, and imagery. All of these are coming along well, we have lots to do but we are steadily moving along together. Go Team.

For Field Day Friday we made a simple lunch of pasta with pesto and then took a short walk around campus collecting data with Field Day/ambiance platform and the Yoctos. The streaming and sample data has been uploaded from the Nexus to Postgres, next week Craig is going to visualize it and start doing verification and validation on it. This is the first time we have had the luxury of working with an “independent lab” on this aspect, in the past developers did this (about as well as you would expect them to).

I setup IceBook (13″ MacBook Air) for Erin to install QGIS on. Slowly we will be migrating all of our software stack (database, analysis tools, visualization, time synchronization, etc) from hopper and other machines to IceBook. Just before we leave on the 22nd we’ll move our Git repository over and viola, we’ll have everything with us. We’ve done this twice before in Iceland and once in Nicaragua and it works really well, being self-contained helps a lot when Internet access is spotty.

Next week will probably look a lot like this past one. On Tuesday morning NIc, Erin and I are going to talk to Patrick about GIS and archeological surveying at Skalanes.

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