Week of 15 November 2015

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Another week, another N things moved X distance:

  1. Met with K, G, E, D, and N to continue discussing Field Science/Wilderness Program bits. Notes can be found here.
  2. Ordered bits for the soil platforms, discussed protocols with T (software, sampling, bench).
  3. Assembled the next message for Oli, almost finished processing his most recent message.
  4. Oli sent a GIS file, I’ll unpack it and see if we can work with it.
  5. Considered our scheduled with K, we might want to leave a week or two earlier this year.
  6. Started poking at the Android <-> BlueTooth <-> Arduino interface.

This coming week:

  1. GIS bits.
  2. High-level tour of the most likely projects for this year: glacier measuring, soil platforms (field and bench), sustainable energy survey, avian nest survey, archeological site survey, ambiance platform, Field Day.
  3. Consider where we could teach what in the context of a field science Wilderness Program.
  4. Finish next email to Oli.
  5. Work with Deeksha on data model and current data sets.
  6. Develop initial materials for Institutional Advancement to use with potential donors; meet with SallyS and AvisS.
  7. Work with Eamon on the visualization interface.
  8. Work with Erin and Eamon on the wifi link for Skalanes.
  9. Work on Field Day <-> Bluetooth <-> Platform interface.

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