Getting Busy in Skalanes!

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Andrew here!

The first full days in Skalanes have been action packed with a lot of flexibility involved. We will be spending the next 11 days here, and we are joining a group of six student from Glasgow, Scotland, who have been working on various projects for the past five weeks, including tracking the arctic foxes in the area and measuring how rising temperatures affect the local seabirds.

This is the farmhouse at Skalanes, home for the next week and a half!

On the first day, we unpacked, organized, and did a bit of hiking. The goal was to get some ground points to measure the accuracy of the digital reconstructions we make with our drones by measuring coordinates at various waterfalls on the Ytri-Sanda, one of the rivers we are going to survey. A secondary goal of the hikes were to explore the area, and see some of the local wildlife, including Puffins!

Ethan is using the Nomad (super-accurate GPS) to get our exact coordinates and altitude at the top and bottom of each waterfall

Our second day was spent in seyðisfjörður, gathering water samples. Based on when we could get access to the fishing boat, we ended up taking all of our water samples (and subsequently filtering them) in one day instead of two, and this resulted in a midnight party calibrating the sonde, our water probe.

Loading the Sonde onto the 30m fishing boat
Sam preparing to take data from water using the Sonde (Oxygen saturation, pH, etc)
Ethan and Jacob taking a water sample from the Fjord
Charlie and Andy <3
Andy flying the drone from ON TOP OF the boat!

After taking the water samples, we had to quickly get them back on shore in order to filter them before the DNA degraded.

Emmett and Sabine filtering the DNA (and being troopers–they stayed until 7 PM!)

PS: Seth got a speeding ticket 🙂

QOTD: “Your shower status doesn’t concern me that much”


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