Day 2 7/12

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Hi all! Andy here!

Today we had the opportunity to sleep in and catch up on much needed rest. We got out of the hostel and headed to Hellisheidi geothermal power plant. There was a guided tour lead by Chris who was incredibly knowledgeable and gave us a lot of good info on both the technical side and what was going on around the plant. There was two start ups right outside, one was creating algae using the resources from the plant. The other one was using carbon capture to take carbon from the atmosphere and inject it back into the ground where it is going to turn back into rock. They were currently the biggest one in the world but, had plans to expand 10 fold. The plant was currently using grant money but in the future will using carbon tax credits will become profitable. The next place we went was Gullfoss which was a waterfall about an hour away. The views were super scenic and we were able to walk right up close to the edge. The water has some pretty intense flow. Afterwards we went to the Althing which is a historic site in Iceland. Im sure I’m going to forget some of the major events that have happened, some of them are, the signing of Icelands independence, the location of the first ever parliament and where Iceland decided to become Christian. It was selected because it had a megaphone effect and freshwater nearby. Everyone seemed to have a great time but got back to the hostel pretty tired and wanting to rest for the next day on the glacier.
– Andy




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