Camping and Seyoisfjorodur

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Hey everyone, Jacob here,

After a busy day of science, a portion of our team hiked up a series of waterfalls to find a peaceful spot to pitch a tent. After setting up camp for the night, we hiked up the mountain until we reached snow. Andrew and I were able to make snow angels in July! After a long hike back, we packed into the tent and called it a night. Soon, we woke to the sound of rushing water and the most beautiful landscape you could wake up to. We headed back to Skalanes to prepare for our day in Seyoisfjorodur

The beautiful view we woke to early in the morning

Once we arrived in the 700 person town, Olí gave the entire group a tour of his hometown. We were able to learn its history from the 800’s to present day. Near the end he took us to an archeological site thats excavating a viking longhouse in town. From there, the group was free to roam. Many of us enjoyed local restaurants, churches, and hikes.

This blue church was imported from Norway. The color has no significance, but was absolutely beautiful on the inside and outside

Finally, at the request of Ana, we got to meet Olí’s pets. Her favorite being this big girl, Kottur (meaning cat.) Yes, the cats name is cat. If you’re wondering why he’s so chunky it’s because Olí lives across the street from a food truck and they feed him at the end of the night.

Look at her chunk

So long, Jacob

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