Relaxing Day for Everyone at Skalanes

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Hey everyone! My name is Jordan Christian and I am a rising senior with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Global Management. My work here in Iceland has been primarily concerned with networking and configuration for our virtual machine as well as drone flying.

Some science work was completed here at Skalanes yesterday but for the most, it was a pretty relaxing day for all of us here in Iceland. The biology peeps were able to successfully complete some NPK work in the morning and by afternoon were able to relax for the rest of the day. Rain once again deterred the drone group from getting as much flying done as they would have liked, however they were able to capture some VLI imagery over a few spots. Em, Charlie, and Faith went into town to do some independent work on the 16s project and once again could experience the convivial atmosphere any Icelandic town can offer.

Hopefully tomorrow brings us some better weather so we can continue our science work in what will be our last full day at Skalanes!



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