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Almost all of my free cycles are thinking about Iceland now, my grading is (almost) done and now I can focus a bit more on this. May Term started on Wednesday, we’re spending the mornings working/meeting together in the lab and the afternoons concentrating on our own bits. We submitted three posters to the XSEDE conference, one based on Field Day, one on UAS + LiDAR + DNG and machine learning, and one on Mothur (the software we use to process 16S rRNA sequencer output). Nic and I have a plan for the first round of testing with the UAS, unfortunately using it in the building is difficult because of all the EMI. Kristin is cruising along with Field Day, we are very close to uploaded data to the database (using the new schema) and should be ready to start Field Day Fridays this week. Erin is chugging along on the GIS, she is creating base layers by georeferencing Google Map images for Heimaey, the two glaciers, and Skalanes. Lots of list management and lab sorting this week, this is our chance to align our waterfowl for the run-up to June 23.

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