Lat Long Database Function Progress

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To help with the bounding box interface and further data clean-up, I’m working on a function in PSQL that takes two lat long pairs and calculates the distance between them. I was able to get the function working, but before writing the update that inserts a column in the readings table with values, I want to make sure I know how to read the results my function is giving me right now.

A first degree approximation of the values my function gives me shows me that it isn’t returning values in km or miles right now. We definitely want this function to populate the table with a value that can be easily Q&A’ed( miles vs km anyone?) so I’m now going back and looking over the math of how the function works to get it to return an easily usable value.

After I have that figured out, the cleaning that Charlie will help me do that has to do with populating sectors can begin.


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