A Continuation of GIS

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I did some further investigation into the GIS layers that we now have. I found out some really useful information, however we need some more direction from Oli in order to be more efficient and productive in putting layers together and figuring out what is useful. I did run some conversions from vector to raster however the files were really large so I am going to try to use another tool for this conversion. Here is part of the email I sent to Oli and Rannveig:

  • There are three layer in archaeology that look similar to the map 2007 Rannveig sent. There is not any information however attached in the attribute table or just in the description.
  • Iceland layers- all pretty straightforward and informative.
  • Lupin layers
  • Eider layers
  • Terns- lots of layers with information collection of location?
There is a lot of information here but having some more direction would be helpful in putting layers together and further analyzing. Is there anything specific that you would like accomplished in considering these layers?
Once Oli responds, I will know where to go with the layers we do have. I will also be able to figure out what I will need more information on QGIS about.

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