Solving some issues…

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The following is from Oli’s response email:
I think the transmission might have been interrupted and there might be some files missing. 
I´d think if you could simply put up a baseline layer with a DEM from where we can possibly look at possible mini dam sites and or potential sites for wind turbines based on historical data from the weather station close by.  
The archaeology layer should have a attribute table somewhere so I we simply meet up and go through my files this summer and attach it to the site layer then I think we are pretty good.
As of for the tern site and eider nesting area it might be if interest for the IR camera work so see if it´s possible to spot recently abandoned nests since both colonies are pretty conservative in nesting site location every year.
The lupin layers are interesting too since the google earth picture of Skalanes is from last year and it could be used to compare plot sizes and preferred growth areas and then project future growth.
This was very helpful in determining a next step of creating that baseline layer of Skalanes and making sure all of the other layers are in the same coordinate system, which is what I am working on now. The other big thing I have been trying to accomplish in the past week is locating the maps that we order a while back from omnimaps ( I have spoken on the phone to someone several times however she has still failed to give me the information she said she would find. I just called her this morning and am now waiting for a call back because she went to check I guess.

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