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Given a crazy schedule and general laziness I haven’t posted in far too long. That changes now! Over the passed few weeks I have been focusing on the energy survey, drone potential, and the android app.

I’ll start with the android app. There is now a stable┬ánaming system using the Gradle to number the APK’s accordingly. This naming scheme is probably going to changes as soon to use a tagging system as soon as Charlie, Kristin and I are able to decide on the best nomenclature. This naming system is then going to work directly with the field science blog! I have been figuring out a custom file system for wordpress that will allow us to have specific areas for upload and update that can then be automated by a script! The script is fairly straight forward and I test run has worked for uploading a test apk but I haven’t been able to configure the file system the way I would like for it to work yet. This seems like a simple but time consuming test so I hope to get to it soon.

The next thing is the drone system and potential in use. The potential is absolutely there for it and the more we look at it we realise that there is hardly any downside to one. What we have been looking at is the flight time, speed, charge, and hack-ability. How hackable the system is seems to be the deciding factor as it would allow us for the most customisation and possible use in other projects. Currently we stand deciding between the DJI phantom 3 advanced and the 3DR solo. Both entry level drone systems.


With the energy survey I will write an individual post detailing the findings and updates!

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