Progress Report for Sept 13-19

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Hi! This is my first blog post for the EC Field Science blog detailing my progress working on a survey of birds in Iceland. Be sure to check out my partner Erin’s blog.

During last week we focused on formulating a list of tasks with a few basic set of attributes, which I hope will help prioritize my work into a more manageable longer term structure.

Primary questions we have decided to first pursue include:

What are the properties of the birds we are studying?
How is thermal data digitally captured? Of the various methods, what are the uses and limitations of each?
One of our (Erin and my) first experiments will be attempting to detect animals (squirrels?) on campus with a non-contact thermometer. This might not be ideal, and I’ll have to double check that this is a reasonable method after learning more about the birds we are studying.

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