Joys of Reconciliation

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I’ve mainly spent time working on identifying the specific differences in the formats of data we’ve used for the last two years.There are some differences between Iceland 2014 data and Nicaragua 2015 data,and even more significant differences between Iceland 2013 data and the rest of what we’ve collected.To be able to start putting together the pieces of what we have and effectively cleaning them up,we need to locate and tag everything we can find,which is what I’ve been upto.

I now have a master table of sorts of Iceland 2014 data and Nicaragua 2015 data,so I know what/where we need to add/modify so as to have a consistent pattern in our data.

I’ve been working on what additional functionalities we want our data model to accommodate before we go back,and how to fit in the pieces of whatever we do have into the data model we decide is best this year.


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