And so they begin…

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September 7th, 2015 marked the beginning of our preparation for our trip to Iceland in the summer of 2016. Four alums to the project, Charlie, Tara, Deeksha, and myself, and four newcomers, Nic, Eamon, Erin, and Ben met in the Hopper lab in the new Center for Science and Technology, excited and eager to get started on the projects for next summer.

There’s lots to be done before we can go off to Iceland next summer. There are a number of projects that the members are working on, a summary is below with the name of the person/s working on them in parentheses:

  • Bird nesting site survey at Skalanes (Erin, Ben)
  • Field Science Android application development (Kristin, Charlie, Nic, Tara)
  • Soil Platform (Tara)
  • Environmental monitoring/sustainable energy (Erin)
  • Visualization Tool (Eamon, Deeksha)
  • Wet Lab work (Nic, Erin, Tara, Deeksha)
  • Data Model (Deeksha, Eamon, Everyone)
  • Archaeology site survey (?)
  • Archaeology species survey (?)

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