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Long Day’s Journey Unto Ice
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Today began at 7:30 when Charlie and Emi left to pick up the rental van at the airport in Egilsstaðir, roughly 30-45 minutes away. Sanne, who runs and maintains the house at Skalanes, drove them – and as much luggage … Read More

No one has died of dysentery …
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… but we did ford some rivers! I have no photographic evidence of our journey (because I was worried about dying) so use your imagination as I walk you through the day. Goal: Drive to Egilsstaðir to get to the … Read More

Rain Rain Go Away
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Cold, wet and cold. Constant rains at Skalanes, indoor science is not as exciting as outdoor science. Ventured out into the as little as possible. Once to place and geo-reference survey stakes, and once to track the elusive Gandolf. He is … Read More

A ferry, a climb, and a feast!
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The day began bright and early (and misty) to catch an hour long ferry ride to Heimaey. Thankfully, our stomachs allowed for a relaxing journey with the opportunity to spend time on the deck or stay inside for a short … Read More

Eggs, Fog, Geothermal, and a Waterfall
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After a much needed night of sleep, we began our second day in Iceland! We woke up to a 5-star breakfast, omelettes, courtesy of Charlie. After breakfast we hopped in the cars and were off to Hellisheiði Geothermal Power Plant … Read More

And so, we landed!
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Today marks our fist day here in Iceland. Events started in a bit of a disarray with the airlines misplacing some important biology items and Charlie attempting new fashion trends, but nevertheless after collecting our things from the baggage claim … Read More