Energy Survey start

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Im taking a short break from android dev to focus on getting the energy survey going. I have weather statistics from weather station 620:Dalanagi which is right across the peninsula from Skálanes. According the these statistics the average wind speeds is 6.4m/s (~14mph) which is good news! Basically we can fly drones no problem! Even the most basic commercial drones are capable of flight in anything less than 7.1m/s winds and because of the average wind speed being 6.5m/s there is sure to be enough days where flight will be possible. Lets start with the non-dispatchable energy sources, those that can’t be throttled on/off. In terms of the energy survey… having dived in to those numbers a bit more… while the average is only 6.4m/s, Skálanes experiences some harsher winds of up to 22m/s during storms. Because of its coastal location it looks as though when its sunny it is relatively calm winds and when theres no sun present its generally windy – 3m/s to 8m/s winds respectively. What this means is that wind and solar will supplement each other quite nicely (at least during the summer). Solar is a little bit trickier of a topic because Iceland has fairly low insolation (measurement of solar energy) because of its latitude. The most practical way of measuring solar will be in field using smaller solar panels, followed by simple math to calculate a full array.

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