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I’ve done a decent amount of work on Android since the previous post. Charlie wanted a ‘Built-In Sensors’ button on to be under the ‘Take a Sample’ button on Field Day. Well, I’ve implemented that.

I’ve written some classes and code where it will query ALL of the available sensors that the device offers. Once it has a list of sensors, it will put them into a ListView and show them to the screen. Most sensors in Android supply 3 values — an x, y, and z. Field Day will query the sensors for values and also display those to the screen. There hasn’t been any work done to the values — they are just displayed as raw.

Implementing this involved created custom ListViews and ArrayAdapters so I was able to show the values and the names of the sensors on the same line. This class, like the other sensors, uses the same geo-coordinates and Satellites and Accuracy values as the other sensors — because it’s a Fragment as well.

I’ve also cleaned up the current code to use the Android suggested changes in Android Studio. Woo-hoo for clean and new code!

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