Downloads and settings!

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This week I worked on setting up a way to distribute the FieldDay app. The website now has a downloads page that will host our app. There will be a location for downloading the production APK which will be the compilation of Charlie, Kristin, and my code into a most recent working app. The individual coders will be able to host a most recent version of our APKs so that we can share and keep track of each others progress. During this process I coded in a way for us to upload and host nearly any file type but have restricted it back to just APK for now. Currently, all uploaded media is stored in a single directory on the server but I am trying to implement a way that we could simply scp our APK into a directory and they will be sorted into their correct location on the website. My next step is to also work on getting it so that when we distribute an APK it will be given a unique ID from our respective GIT services as another means of keeping track of everything.

On the back burner a bit, I have been working on taking the old settings page form Sheshat and implementing it into FieldDay with a few updates here and there. I will be able to spend more time on this once I get the downloads page all worked out so more updates to come!

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