Weeks of 18 and 25 October 2015

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Lots of little pieces over the past two weeks:

  1. After breaking my Android development environment in Nicaragua last December I finally have a working setup again. I can build and run hello world on my Nexus7 and HTC One!
  2. Started a conversation with Sally Southwick in Alumni/Development about NSF and foundation support for this project. Developed a preliminary budget (see GDrive folder) to be refined as we learn more.
  3. Started a conversation with Jay Roberts and GLI about developing a wilderness like program in Iceland. There is a lot of enthusiasm for this idea. The next step is for us to discuss this, and if we think it’s practical/interesting to do we would develop a proposal to the GLI for funding the development over the coming year.
  4. Oli replied to our last message, I will start working on a reply from us.

Things I’d like to do this coming week:

  1. Develop and distribute a signed APK of hello world that someone else downloads and runs using Android Studio.
  2. Nudge Sally Southwick, this is not a typical project and obtaining funding, especially from the NSF, will require a certain amount of effort and finesse.
  3. If the wilderness bit sounds like a good idea develop a proposal for funding the development of it for the GLI.
  4. Work with folks on the sub-terrain survey ideas.
  5. Work with folks on the ballon terrain survey ideas.

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