12 October 2015

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In this weeks meeting Charlie started things off with laying out what questions we still had for Oli such as dates for the trip, in what location, and where would we be staying. We also discussed the logistics of the Xsede conference and the likely-hood of needing to fly directly from Iceland to Miami. On a side note, the idea of a Wilderness type program at Earlham was brought up. Our next topic was brought up by Erin, that we might have some issues with the balloon idea but that running the balloon off of a telephone pole might be the better option. Ben detailed what he had found regarding the thermal camera and that will start on a way to map the data and logistics of using it. Nic annotated a page on android dev explaining how processes work and when to use them, as well as possible implementations of old Sheshat code into the FieldDay app. Deeksha went over requirements for the SIGCSE poster. Kristin has been working with the LightBlueBean, figuring out the interface enough to get a test up and running and has been working with Charlie and Nic with the design and implementation of FieldDay app. Tara has been doing work with the sensors and has been working with Mike Deibel on soil fertility and found we might be bale to build an equivalent to a near IR spectroscopy. The Munsel colour test is definitely viable for use with visible light. Eamon started doing work with the front end and getting google maps to geolocate points and the Drop menus are finished and easily useable.

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